Art Deco in the Tropics

Innisfail,   North  Queensland  


Tropical North Queensland

The provincial town of Innisfail, situated along the coast of far north Queensland, hides an urban beauty of streets lined with Art Deco treasures. Innisfail is becoming recognised as one of the  great Art Deco towns of Australia, with the CBD showcasing one of the largest concentration of Art Deco buildings in the country. 


Along the main streets of Edith and Rankin, one can find examples of French, Spanish, Italian, Moroccan and Anglo-Saxon Art deco designed facades. These international influences are a tribute to the colourful and multi-cultural past of the Innisfail region.



Streets lined with a Sea of Colour and Form



From the top of Rankin Street, one can walk down from the Heritage listed "Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Cathedral" and appreciate the beauty of Art Deco as both sides of the streets are lined with the architectural heritage from the past.


After the recent tropical cyclones Larry and Yasi in 2006  and 2011 respectively, opportunities arose during the clean-up and rebuild for the town's aging buildings to be revitalised and restored. Thus the arduous task of cleaning and repainting the town's facades began. This action not only preserved the integrity of the buildings, but helped to inadvertently rediscover the true beauty of Innisfail's streets, revealing a rich cultural heritage.


Located three hours north of Townsville,

one hour south of Cairns.

Nestled amoungst the lush tropical rainforests,

abundant with magnificent waterfalls

and countless secluded swimming holes.


In the opposite direction, towards the East

the majestic Great Barrier Reef lies.

abundant with life and colour.


Surrounded by absolute beauty

 Just a great place to pause and breathe.

 Map Sourced from : Backpack